Bitcoin Anonymity

Bitcoin Anonymity hen television media outlets discuss Bitcoin, and I use the term “discuss” loosely, it usually revolves around the same central points, depending on what the tone of the message they want to convey is. In the negative spectrum, it’s usually things like “it’s a ponzi”, or “only terrorists/money


Proof Of Keys Event

n January 3rd, 2019 there is supposed to be the first annual “Proof of Keys” event. For those that do not know what this is, the event is supposed to be a deadline for when users should have pulled all of their coins off of their exchanges and transferred them


Zebpay Shutdown

ebpay shutdown: At 16:00 on September 28th, 2018 Zebpay will halt it’s exchange services to all Indian residents. A recent ruling from the Indian central bank has resulted in the inability for Zebpay to provide exchange services to domestic individuals. The overzealous legislation has left Zebpay with the inability to