Proof Of Keys Event

n January 3rd, 2019 there is supposed to be the first annual “Proof of Keys” event. For those that do not know what this is, the event is supposed to be a deadline for when users should have pulled all of their coins off of their exchanges and transferred them


Zebpay Shutdown

ebpay shutdown: At 16:00 on September 28th, 2018 Zebpay will halt it’s exchange services to all Indian residents. A recent ruling from the Indian central bank has resulted in the inability for Zebpay to provide exchange services to domestic individuals. The overzealous legislation has left Zebpay with the inability to


Lightning Network Effects On Exchanges

he lightning network is here, and it’s working. The number of lightning nodes and channels are increasing every day, with more software to support ease of use than ever before. As this network grows I have some predictions on the lightning network effects on exchanges. High Frequency Trading I predict


The Bitcoin Cash Stress Test

f you like to follow crypto news you may have heard about the Bitcoin Cash stress test. On September 1st, 2018 the community over at /r/btc performed a test of their network by broadcasting thousands upon thousands of transactions with the intent of showing the robustness of their network, hoping


The Bitcoin Lightning Network

he bitcoin lightning network is a p2p network built on top of and uses the bitcoin blockchain. In order to use it you need to download and install some new software. It aims to solve the 7 transactions per second issue which, if bitcoin were to become mainstream, would never


What Is A Blockchain?

ince about the year 2000 there’s been an array of buzzwords and catchphrases used in the technology industry in order to raise money from people for the purpose of investing into their startup. “The Cloud”, “Disrupt” (as long as it doesn’t affect the Old Guard), “Web 2.0”, and most recently,


Bitcoin’s Use Cases

hy would someone want to have bitcoin in their possession? What is bitcoin used for? Bitcoin has a lot of use cases and solves a lot of problems, even though some people don’t think so. For that individual, and most likely you, being in a first-world country makes you not


Can Bitcoin Be Hacked

henever there’s an exchange that’s lost bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency the media always has a sensational headline that reads something like “Bitcoin Hacked”. The truth is of course that Bitcoin itself as the protocol has never been hacked, only exchanges with poor website best practices, weak API security, and/or


History Of Money

he history of money, at least from an ancient times and United States perspective, is an interesting one. This article is just going to be a collection of videos and articles that dispel myths about what the US dollar represents. Other authors have described this very well and I’m not