How Does Bitcoin Work?

ow does bitcoin work? This article will talk about that very simply and not go into great detail so as to not confuse anyone that may be 100% new. There are a couple of players in the Bitcoin ecosystem that allow individuals to send bitcoin to one another, and they


How Many Coins Are There?

here will only ever be 21 million bitcoins in existence. That is the max bitcoin supply. There’s a ton of coins already “lost”, which means the person that had the coins have lost the private key and therefore can no longer send the coins to anyone. They are locked in


What Is A Bitcoin Address?

n order to receive money in a peer-to-peer transfer some sort of public information needs to be provided to the sending party to know where to send the money to. A bitcoin address can be thought of as a bank account number that corresponds to your bank. Someone can take


What Are Bitcoin Nodes?

here’s a lot of moving parts in the Bitcoin network, and bitcoin nodes are a huge piece of that machine. Anyone and everyone can download and run a node on their home computer. Almost all nodes come with built-in wallets as well, which is nice but is not necessary to


What Is Bitcoin Mining?

f you’ve ever seen a news piece covering Bitcoin what you’re most likely seeing is just one side of it, and that’s bitcoin mining. You’re usually shown pictures of massive warehouses showing hundreds of pieces of equipment that is very loud and has cables running everywhere, or a very simplistic


What Does The Bitcoin Network Look Like?

he Bitcoin network is often talked about but never really broken down into it’s smaller parts. The network itself is a stage with multiple pieces working in tandem that make up the larger network as a whole. This article will give the reader a cursory overview of these individual pieces,


What Is Bitcoin?

Introduction hat is Bitcoin? Wikipedia defines bitcoin as: [Bitcoin is] a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. It’s a very simple statement. You might read this quickly and not really grasp what it means in a larger sense. The important stuff is in